Souli villages are a living example of the region’s ancient tradition. In this rocky place someone can enjoy the rugged and uneven landscape of the region.


The Koulia Tower

It is a fortress in the city centre and dates back between the 18th and 19th century. It is one of the best-preserved towers of its kind.

pyrgos koulia

The Watch

The Watch is in the city’s centre and it dates from the Turkish Domination Years (1750). Its unique mechanisms are fixed in order to ring at exact hours and it is one of its kind.


Acheron Springs

The most popular tourist attraction of the area is Acheron Springs which is an ideal place for an one day tour. (Distance: 20 minutes)

Acheron River

Sivota Thesprotia

Take one small, traditional Greek town in a sheltered bay that is sandwiched between tree-covered hills and the deep blue Ionian Sea.



Parga is a lovely town on the northwestern side of Greece. Although it is a mainland town, its architecture gives a special island vibe.